Summer Cup 2023

30. June - 02. July 2023.
Judenburg and Seetaler Alpe


Styrian Orienteering Federation
Form of competition

International 3-day Orienteering Event, single races with overall results.
First stage will be in a nice small forrest by the Mur in Judenburg the other two middle distance races on a very nice an challenging alm terrain.

Competition center and camping

Winterleiten Hütte 

Winterleitenhütte 8750 Judenburg, Ossach 45 GPS: 47.094289, 14.571014


M/W 12, 14, 15-18, 19, 35, 45, 55, 65, M75, M/W 19B
- Open for Beginners, Open for Advanced

Competition comitee:

Wettkampfleiter: Viktor Hites
Bahnleger: Viktor Hites
Kontroller: Imre Engi


Friday, 30. June 2023
Judenburg, middle distance

Saturday, 01. July 2023
Seetaler Alpe, middle distance

Sonntag, 02. Juli 2023

Seetaler Alpe, middle distance

First starts

1. day: 17:00, 2. day: 14:00, 3. day 10:00

Free time activities:

  • Therme Fohnsdorf
  • Militärluftfahrtmuseum Zeltweg

  • Zirbitzkogel

Entry fees

till 24.06.2022

-M/W18: 6 EUR/person/day
M/W21-: 12 EUR/person/day
Open for Beginners: 6 EUR/person/day
Open for Advanced: 12 EUR/person/day

after 24.06.2022

-M/W18: 9 EUR/person/day
M/W21-: 18 EUR/person/day
Open for Beginners: 6 EUR/person/day
Open für Advanced: 12 EUR/person/day


SportIdent-System with SI-Air will be used. Please state your SI-number when entering for the competition. Chips can be rented in the competition center for 1 EUR/day. No rental fee for under 14s.


In cash at the competition center. If you prefer bank payment please send an email to for banking details!



  • Winterleiten Hütte
  • Sabathyhütte


On Friday will be held in an interresting and nice forrest of Judenburg by the Mur. The two middle distance stages will be organised on the Seetaler Alpe a realy nice and challening alm terrain.


1. day Judenburg, 1: 5000/2m
2. day Seetaler Alpe, 1:7500/5m
3. day Seetaler Alpe, 1:7500/5m
All maps will be newly made or revised in 2023.


On all 3 days in the finishing area.


Gift prizes for the winners of each category on all 3 stages. The first 3 places in each category of the overall ranking will be rewarded with medals and non-cash prizes. The winners receive trophies.


Viktor Hites Tel: +436504312494 e-mail:

Our Partners
Bürgermeisteramt Judenburg
OLC Graz
Truppenübungplatz Seetaler Alpe

Further information

  • Final informations will be published 5 days before the competition.
  • There will be refreshments for all the runners in the finish. It will be also a melone day as usual.:)
  • All started runners have to report back in the finish, even if they have given up.
  • Any commercial activities during the competition are subject to permission of the organizers.
  • Each participant starts at their own risk!
  • Each participant agrees to the publication of photos taken during the competition and to the publication of the results in the Internet.
Summer Cup  | 2023 | +436504312494
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